Loyalty Card

Collect 5 special loyalty stamps to get 3 FREE postcards added to your next order!

Instructions, Terms & Conditions:

1. A loyalty card will be included with every order to give you a chance to collect stamps.

2. Every order will receive one stamp and for orders over £15 (excluding p&p) you will receive an extra stamp! 

3. Once you have collected 5 loyalty stamps on 1 card and are ready to place another order:

  • email postsnailpress@gmail.com including a picture of your completed card AND which 3 designs you want fore FREE
  • place your next order and when packaging it up we will add your 3 EXTRA postcards to it!

4. You cannot re-use the competed loyalty card once you have claimed your free postcards. (We will record any completed loyalty card claims and can check enough orders have been placed for further completed cards.)

5. Loyalty cards (unless blank) and stamps are personal to you and not transferrable to another person.

6. A loyalty card cannot be redeemed for cash or other products (if introduced in the future), only individual postcards.

7. There is no limit to the amount of loyalty cards you can fill and claim on.

8. There is no deadline/end date to redeem your loyalty card, it can be used until Post Snail Press ceases trading.

9. Post Snail Press reserves the right to change the terms of this loyalty card at any time, though will give notice to customers if they will be negatively impacted.