Why do you have envelopes and stamps as add-on items?

The postcard on its own would make a beautiful little art print but if you do intend to send it on to someone, the envelope and stamp mean you can buy everything you need to do that in one place!

Can I send the postcard as it is, without an envelope?

The back of each card only has a small amount of text (sharing the artists name and website along with our little snail mail logo) so you would be able to pop an address and stamp on and post as is, yes!

However we think the envelope just adds that extra bit of protection to the card, meaning the recipient can frame and display it if they love your gesture and the design that much. It also means you have more space to write your note!

Can I choose the designs I want in the bundle packs?

We've chosen to do lucky dips to help support all of the artists involved in our project. Some are well known and others are just starting out, but all of them are independent and need your love and support.

If there is one particular design you absolutely HAVE to have included in your pack, add a note at checkout or contact us at postsnailpress@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do!

Are you allowed to sell stamps?

Yes as long as we are not profiting from them. We are selling a 1st Class letter Stamp for 85p each which is how much we buy them for. You can download the Royal Mail's current prices HERE.

How much money goes to charity?

10% of the postcard sales go to charity. So for every £2 postcard sold we will donate 20p to Samaritans. For the bundles, 10% of the profits after the cost of the stamps etc. have been deducted will be donated.

Can I buy the designs as larger prints?

Post Snail Press is selling the designs as postcards only. If you love one and would like it in another size or format, try contacting the artist using the website/instagram on their card listing, as they own their artwork.

I'm an artist, how do I get involved?

We will be releasing new designs regularly so we can keep inspiring people to stay connected via post and help them (and us!) discover new artists.

We will have call outs for designs to be submitted for upcoming releases using an application form on our Artist Applications page. Please sign-up to our artist mailing list for future call outs and updates, or keep an eye on our instagram!

Hint: We're trying to encourage connection and spread some joy, humour, hope and positivity so if your design fits that brief perfectly you'll be more likely to be selected to take part.