Artist Applications

Spring is HERE!! And we have just launched our first artist call out of 2021.


Thank you to the nearly 100 submissions! 

We will get back to you shortly. Have a fantastic easter weekend! 

Please sign-up to our artist mailing list for future call outs and updates, or keep an eye on our instagram!


General information for completing our google form applications:

• To submit your design(s), please complete the form making sure you read all the details and agree to all the terms. 

• Within the form you can upload up to 5 designs for us to consider.

• Designs don't need to be final, you can submit a sketched idea. However there will be a tight turnaround for final versions so bear that in mind!

• You can download an A6 postcard print template HERE. (You need to hide the bleed and text guides before saving)!